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Character Information
Character Name: Ales
Guild membership:Member of the BLOOD LUST
Last login:5 June 2020, 4:25 pm
Last logout:5 June 2020, 11:42 am
Created:1 May 2020, 2:07 pm
Character views:3626
Referals:Added: 0
Blokada do:6 June 2020, 3:20 pm


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5 Jun 2020, 18:25 Died at level 300001 by a Wakacyjny Straznik, by Salo, by Kviku, by Bandziorek, by a Wakacyjny Podroznik, by Biala, by Apogeum, by a Gutek Boss, by a Kaboom, by a Wakacyjny Pajac, by Vixella, by a GOD Ghost, by a Straznik Miasta, by a Weedman, by a GOD Ward, by a Mefistofeles, by a Fish Upset, by a Initial Angler and by a Roslinka Boss.
3 Jun 2020, 21:49 Died at level 166237 by a Michael Jackson.
3 Jun 2020, 21:48 Killed at level 167385 by Haszysz, by Thecrystal, by a Mummified Deity and by a Osiris.
3 Jun 2020, 21:22 Killed at level 115612 by Ksiadz Janusz and by Potezny Bezkarny Nefre.
3 Jun 2020, 20:57 Killed at level 115836 by Deejay Maxtom, by Marlboro Jaracz, by Zubrowka, by Armani, by Szpaaneek, by Deli Kigas, by Leith, by Faster, by Diego and by Lucyferr.
3 Jun 2020, 20:53 Killed at level 116533 by Zubrowka, by Marlboro Jaracz, by Armani, by Mostowiak, by Keilo Here, by Faster, by Diego, by Thecrystal and by Potezny Bezkarny Nefre.
3 Jun 2020, 20:48 Killed at level 117222 by Szpaaneek, by Deejay Maxtom, by Zubrowka, by Jaraj Topyy, by Diego, by Leith, by Royal Hunter, by Keilo Here, by Samuraj, by Lucyferr, by Demonique and by Deli Kigas.
3 Jun 2020, 20:42 Killed at level 117922 by Deli Kigas, by Faster, by Armani, by Santa Muerte, by Leith, by Royal Hunter, by Diego, by Deejay Maxtom, by Zubrowka, by Samuraj and by Keilo Here.
2 Jun 2020, 21:30 Killed at level 292678 by Diego, by Sou Itede, by Santa Muerte, by Leith, by Jaraj Topyy, by Zubrowka, by Ksiadz Janusz, by Szpaaneek and by Armani.
2 Jun 2020, 21:18 Killed at level 295166 by Deejay Maxtom, by Armani, by Santa Muerte, by Vraftuje, by Royal Hunter, by Ksiadz Janusz, by Krzaku Rp, by Samuraj and by Demonique.

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