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Players online: 17 ONLINE + 24 AFK
Uptime: 269h 38m
Client version: 8.6
Character Information
Character Name: Rubes
Guild membership:Member of the The Corpe
Last login:1 March 2021, 10:08 pm
Last logout:1 March 2021, 10:09 pm
Created:1 May 2020, 2:42 pm
Character views:21148
Referals:Added: 0
Blokada do:3 March 2021, 1:33 am


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23 Jan 2021, 11:10 Died at level 227184 by a Gotowa Kobieta, by a Pitka, by a Taurus Boss, by a Manager and by a Wakacyjny Podgladacz Kobiet.
23 Jan 2021, 11:05 Died at level 228551 by a Wakacyjny Podgladacz Kobiet, by a Manager, by a Taurus Boss, by a Pitka, by a Wykonczona Kobieta and by a Brick Wall.
23 Jan 2021, 10:52 Died at level 229925 by a Bicza, by a Gutek Boss, by a Manager and by a GOD Ghost.
23 Jan 2021, 10:48 Died at level 231307 by a Pitka, by Keilo Here, by a GOD Ghost, by a Gutek Boss, by a Bicza, by Drutox and by a Manager.
23 Jan 2021, 10:45 Died at level 232698 by a Manager, by Drutox, by a Armagedon Boss, by a Bicza, by a GOD Ghost and by a Pitka.
20 Jan 2021, 17:14 Died at level 162871 by a Monad.
20 Jan 2021, 13:08 Died at level 155833 by a UNI Boss, by a Taurus Boss and by Crespo.
20 Jan 2021, 12:53 Died at level 157408 by a Taurus Boss, by a UNI Boss and by Crespo.
18 Jan 2021, 18:26 Died at level 234894 by a Kazan.
7 Jan 2021, 21:16 Killed at level 987 by Haszysz, by Playing In Memory Of Salo Bog, by Gacek Ms, by To Nie Diabelek and by Kezman Ed.

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